Tinsley Realty Inc. is blessed to donate up to $500 of every transaction to use by Children's Health throughout the DFW Area. Additionally, over the past two years, Tinsley Realty Inc. donated more $7,000 in New Toys to the Medical Foundation for local use.

This year 2022, there will be a Christmas Gala with all proceeds and donations going directly to area Children and families.

In addition to the hospital toy donations; in 2020 & 2021 Tinsley Realty Inc. has aided 13 single-parent families to celebrate Christmas. Each family received toys, specific needed items, wrapping paper & bows so the parent may take part, a small gift and a small gift for the parent and items for a Christmas meal. In many situations Christmas decorations were also provided and bill payments made.

Tinsley Realty continuously provides needed goods such as crackers, diapers, wipes, paper towels, etc to the families of hospitalized children throughout the year. "The "Need" never goes away in a community as large as ours, it only grows with the expansion."

"I can think of no reason any child should wake up on Christmas morning and wonder what they did to make Santa not come. . . especially not a child in a hospital bed." "No parent should stay awake at night crying as their heart breaks because they know only the face of disappointment awaits."

About Children's Health

For more than 100 years, our mission has been to make life better for children. Since our humble beginnings in 1913 as a baby camp, we have had a long-standing commitment to our community that includes not only high-quality patient care but also advocacy, education and preventive care with an unwavering focus on our mission.

We take great pride in serving as one of the largest and most prestigious pediatric health care providers in the country and as the leading pediatric health system in North Texas. Through our academic affiliation with UT Southwestern, we are a leader in life-changing treatments, innovative technology and ground-breaking research. We are honored to be consistently recognized among the top children’s hospitals in the country by *U.S. News & World Report*. 

As the North Texas community grows, we remain committed to keeping alive Children’s Health℠ Founder Nurse May Smith’s spirit of courage, dedication to excellence and service to the families in our communities while providing world-class care.  

Our commitment to our community reaches beyond our walls and into schools, social-service organizations, corporate boardrooms, city halls and legislative chambers. In addition to providing health care, we often serve as a voice for the voiceless and an advocate for the children who have no vote and no lobbying group to speak on their behalf.


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