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Born at Lewisville Medical Center and raised in nearby Highland Village by single mother D’Juana Tinsley. The youngest of a family totaling 7 children I was raised to appreciate the value of a dollar and the hard work it takes to make it. (Even harder work it takes to keep it).

There are also plans in to work for a nationwide realty consulting and commercial marketing firm. And one of my favorites because I am a fat kid at heart like every man is a restaurant/ brewery concept on the lake we hope to launch soon. Family fun and fishing with great beer and food on the lake just screams North Texas to me.

Within one month of me Acing both the National and State Real Estate Exam I was under contract with my first buying client from Brazil. Pablo bought a house in Old Town Lewisville. We closed on it two days before New Years. I haven’t looked back.

I found one of the things that I have been missing in my other operations. The human experience, that extra touch. The whole point of my degree choice was to help others.. Realty gave me a way to do that.

It wasn’t until about 2.5 years in when I helped the Farias family that I knew this wasn’t just a career but a calling. I had helped this wonderful family from Mexico City purchase their first home. In fact they were one of my first transactions. Then they decided to upgrade their home.

They hired Tinsley Realty to list and assist their purchase. I gave them a list of homework and they went to work as did we. I cleaned, staged, professionally photographed and strongly marketed their home. I remember the day well. We had multiple offers on their home. I asked their permission to save time by not showing the ones at list price or below. Their home was listed at $185,000. They were very quiet and nervous as I went through the offers. Finally I got to $201,000 and they were still serious. I said, “guys, you are at $201k it’s ok to smile this is a good thing.” They hesitantly smiled. It wasn’t until I showed them the last offer. $207,000 and I had already negotiated appraisal coverage and leaseback terms etc. and I said, “This is a

true net to you of $22,000 above list price. Remember the house you wanted to purchase with the pool and the greenbelt in Flower Mound? With this contract you can now afford that other house, when before you could not. I have already reached out and began negotiations with the seller. If you accept this offer today, they will accept the offer on your dream home as well and it will be yours.” It was after this, that the emotions took over and they broke down. Santiago and Esperanza sat at their kitchen table and cried tears of relief, disbelief and joy. It was at this moment that I fully realized and accepted the calling of being a Real Estate Specialist. I had never impacted anyone’s life this way in my other companies and I knew this

was what I wanted to do the rest of my life. I have never looked back and the Farias family and I have stayed close friends over the years. I am one of the most blessed real estate agents I know, because I get to pick my clients and make them personal friends. Almost every one of my closings are referrals. Everyone knows the high standards I hold for myself so I get wonderful individuals and families referred to me. Tinsley Realty has a cancel anytime policy. We don’t believe in working with people who don’t want to work with us. Same goes the other way, we can fire anyone on grounds of ethics at any time. I think people appreciate honorable business and it’s a breath of fresh air to what they may be accustomed to elsewhere.

I love my clients because I love people. I care so much for individuals and I embrace our differences. Coming from a mixed background, I appreciate diversity in culture, value, lifestyle, dreams and realities. I always learn from my clients, though I don’t think half of them would believe it. There is so much we can learn from each other and I am so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful individuals. Real Estate transactions are often considered stressful, and I love making the experience fun.

When you do an amazing job for great people, it’s not work but fulfillment. I work to provide a fulfilling experience for each of my clients and I love that responsibility. Tinsley Realty is Real Estate with a Twist, that “Twist” is a twist of love, care, lack of worry and a confident/fun experience. Tinsley Realty is what customer service has lost over the years.. personal service and a dedication of experts who know the best answer for every question every step of the way. My team lives the industry every minute of the day and that’s why we know the area the best. We stay on top of the industry by always providing first what the others ones wish they had thought to provide. Then guaranteeing that positive experience through.


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